5 Common Problems with the Background Check Process

There are many issues that companies endure during the background check, onboarding, and staff vetting process.

We noticed the problems tend to stem down to relying on manual processes, which leaves companies exposed to time consuming tasks, errors, and difficulty managing data.

We look at 5 common problems that organisations come by, and how our system, Employment Check Pro, solves them.

1) Application Process

Many companies still rely on spreadsheets and basic application forms (created on paper, word, or PDF) to process applications and data.

Oftentimes, the process lacks a user-friendly interface, for both the candidate and the administrator.

This not only makes it trickier to process applications effectively, but impairs the overall candidate experience. And the result? Applications lost in the process, and top candidates deciding not to proceed with an application.

Our system provides you with a user-friendly interface that, not only accepts data and documents with ease, but processes the data to proceed with applications.

  • Process managed on spreadsheets
  • Application form in paper/PDF, or word format
  • Cannot complete on mobile
  • Manual data entry
  • Data validation upon receipt of the form
  • Process takes days to complete
  • Process managed in the system
  • Application form in digital format
  • Mobile-friendly, linked based
  • Instant data feed
  • Data validation in app, automated
Application Form
Application Form Interface in Employment Check Pro

2) Vetting Process

Arguably one of the most important aspects of the recruitment process, many companies have a very basic vetting procedure. The issue is that if this process is exposed to errors, then your company instantly falls into a state of non-compliance.

And non-compliance can lead to poor hiring decisions, fines, and reputational (as well as legal) damage.

In addition, basic vetting procedures can cost companies a lot of time (and money).

Our system ensures that your vetting procedure is efficient, whilst maintaining compliance to the highest level.

  • Forms built manually in Word
  • Reference requests sent manually
  • Progress tracked on spreadsheets
  • References chased manually
  • Exposed to errors and non-compliance
  • Difficult to share and handover
  • Takes hours to onboard/process a new starter
  • Forms built automatically
  • Reference requests sent in a few clicks
  • Use friendly tracker app
  • References chased automatically
  • No errors, fully compliant
  • Can share work
  • No handover required
  • Takes seconds to onboard/process a new starter
Vetting Process
Vetting Process Interface in Employment Check Pro

3) DBS and Other Checks

Performing DBS checks (as well as other background checks) has proved to be one of the most time-consuming aspects of the recruitment process.

The process for many companies usually involves multiple, smaller processes (which requires numerous suppliers and platforms). The result is difficulty managing the process, which can lead to you hiring people who have not had the sufficient background checks required by your industry.

The aim of our system is to eliminate the need for numerous platforms and suppliers, giving you more control of the process; thus, maintaining compliance and working within the employment regulations set out by your sector.

  • Checks done using multiple platforms, suppliers
  • Difficult to control the process
  • All personal data must be manually entered
  • Exposed to over spending
  • Progress tracked on spreadsheets
  • Takes days to complete
  • Apply for checks in app
  • Instant application
  • No manual data entry
  • Control spending
  • Process controlled in app
  • Takes seconds to complete
Process - Background Checks
DBS Check Notification in Employment Check Pro


4) Reporting

Many HR executives and administrative executives need to provide cohesive and concise reports to management, sometimes on a regular basis. The main issue here is that data from multiple systems must be obtained, which can take a lot of time.

Our system allows you to produce reports efficiently, which incorporates the data set out by the user.

  • Reports made manually
  • Difficult to meet client’s bespoke requirements
  • Data captured from multiple sources
  • Manual data entry
  • No validation of data
  • Takes hours to build
  • Reports made in a few clicks
  • Can be tailored to specific requirements
  • Live data used
  • No manual data entry
  • Valid, live data
  • Takes seconds to build
Process - Reporting
Report Generated by Employment Check Pro


5) Staff Management

If you manage a team who are handling the background check process, then your priority is ensuring they work efficiently (and compliantly), with the tools they need.

Our system allows you to set up KPIs, and track the progress of projects.

In addition, reports can be generated in seconds.

  • Manual process
  • Difficult to track live data
  • No KPIs in place
  • No validation of data
  • Time-consuming
  • Automated process
  • Live data in use
  • KPI management in app
  • Valid data
  • Takes seconds to generate reports
Process - Staff Management Report
A Staff Management Report Generated by a Client in Employment Check Pro


It should be noted that Employment Check Pro is suitable for all sectors, requirements, and checks. And as an ISO27001-accredited organisation, we perform regular internal audits to ensure our information security framework (and software) is robust.

If you are interested in how Employment Check Pro can benefit your organisation, please complete the form below or visit https://ebcglobal.co.uk/pro/ to learn more.


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