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Client Testimonials

"EBC has been a game changer!"

"Using EBC has saved AY Aviation many hours of work and the odd bit of human error from our referencing process. I regularly recommend EBC to anyone within the aviation and/or recruitment sectors. I am always looking for ways to automate working processes to benefit our team, but of all we use EBC really has been the best. I can barely remember what life was like before EBC but from what I do I can honestly say that having EBC has been a game changer!"

AY Aviation

"We have recently started using the EBC compliance system after it was recommended to us by a client, we are very happy with the product, and it has added real value to our business. The system is easy to use and it saves us time and has contributed to increased revenue for the business. I would highly recommend the compliance system as it is simple to use, time saving, very user friendly and our consultants and candidates enjoy using it".

Supreme Recruitment

"We've partnered with EBC for a good number of years and always found them to be innovative, supportive and agile in all dealings. Always very happy with the service they provide."

Optime Group

"EBC Global has the essential auditing tool all companies should use. The ease and efficiency of the vetting and referencing process is second to none. They are always developing more and more innovative products to use in conjunction with their core products. All in all innovation, creativity, and excellence is at the heart of their business."

ABM Aviation

"Not only do EBC provide a software that is both fit for purpose and user friendly they also deliver exceptional customer service during onboarding and throughout the contract. Highly recommended".


"Very good system. I can organise all the pass applications process, chase the referees and be up to date with DBS certificates. Support Team is also very helpful".

Dyer and Butler

"I would highly recommend the compliance system as it is simple to use and time-saving. The Support team is very friendly and answers all questions quickly".

Dyer and Butler

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Background check tools - helping you save valuable resources

Pre-Employment Screening Software and Apps

EBC Global offer a vast array of pre-employment screening software and app solutions for organisations and candidates across all sectors.

Our software covers all essential pre-employment screening functions including automated background checks (DBS, right to work, and more), automated referencing, bespoke reports, workload management, and more.

Reduce the time associated with the hiring process by approx. 70%

A Single Solution For Your Background Checking Requirements

At EBC Global, we provide an online solution for DBS Checks that includes DBS, Right to Work, Identity, and Credit Checks.

Using our platform is easy and gives fast results. Some checks are instant, and DBS Checks are usually between 24 - 48 hours.

We cover all the checks commonly needed to screen job applicants and employees – DBS, Right to Work, Credit, and Identity checks.


Secure Market Leading Background Check Software Solutions

We pride ourselves on providing robust, articulate and innovative software solutions for pre-employment screening, vetting and background check processes.

To date, we have worked with hundreds of clients across the globe and in numerous sectors.

Safeguarding data handling and security is of paramount importance to us. This is why we hold accreditations in both Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001, showcasing our commitment.

These accreditations highlight our strong adherence to internationally recognised standards for information security. They confirm our dedicated efforts to ensuring that every piece of entrusted data is treated with the utmost care.

With these accreditations, we provide you with reassurance that your sensitive information is not only handled promptly but also fortified by the highest levels of digital protection.


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