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Employment background check software for candidates and employers.

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Background Checks for Candidates

Employment Check App

Background Checks for Candidates - Employment Check App

Complete all the background checks your employer needs with Employment Check App.

Easily apply for required employment checks and get instant results; criminal (DBS), right to work, credit, sanctions checks, etc.

Enter your details AND upload documents. You can then securely share data with potential employers; personal info, passport copy, driving licence copy, address history, work history, etc.

FREE to download. Make it easier and quicker to secure employment ahead of the competition.

Pre-employment Screening Software for Companies

Employment Check Pro

Pre-employment Screening with Employment Check Pro

Pro is our ultimate, market-leading solution to onboarding and screening. Designed with your sector in mind, our Pro software features hundreds of functions to fully automate employee checks. Pro includes many automatic features, including referencing, background checks, employment gaps, and more.

Employment Check Lite

Background Checks with Employment Check Lite

Lite is designed for companies who want to streamline their application and background check process. Not only does Lite allow for instant background checks, it also allows you to collect your candidate's documents and data with ease. Lite is compliant, secure, and FREE to use.

Software For Your Employment Background Checks

EBC Global provide robust, innovative, and automated pre-employment screening software and apps to a vast array of organisations and candidates around the world.

Our vetting solutions automates the employee referencing process and background checks including: bespoke references, DBS (criminal record), Right to work, UK Credit, International Sanctions, Driving Licence (DVLA), Disclosure Scotland and many others.

We develop our software and apps with a firm emphasis on speed, compliance, and security.

All sectors. All requirements. All checks.


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