Pre-Employment Screening Software for the Aviation & Airside Sector

Streamline your background check, screening, and onboarding processes; with software designed for the aviation and airside sector.

Fast. Automated. Compliant.

Pre-employment screening tools for aviation and airside organisations

In order to give personnel unescorted access to restricted areas of an airport, it is required by law that they are screened and onboarded to specific standards.

We offer pre-employment screening software solutions that work in accordance with the laws and regulations enforced by the aviation industry. 

Aviation Laptop and Phone

Software that helps you maintain pre-employment screening compliance in accordance with National Aviation Security Program (NASP) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) standards

Automated enhanced DBS, right to work, and reference checks. Automatically sent out and chased by the system

Automatic generation of compliant, branded airport referencing packs; ready to be uploaded to ID centres

Easy collection of data and documents (GSAT training, ATPL, medical certificate, etc)

Track and monitor candidate progress

Decreasing time to hire and increasing productivity

Speed up the time associated with the new hire process by approximately 70%

Integrated with the Disclosure and Barring Service, allowing your organisation to run criminal record checks and obtain results quickly

Faster onboarding, allowing you to place candidates into their new roles efficiently and compliantly

Schedule annual checks and get alerts in case something has changed

Aviation Background Check Software

Our Pre-Employment Screening Solutions

Aviation Laptop

Employment Check Pro | Bespoke Pre-Employment Screening Software

Employment Check Pro supports all legal requirements associated with background screening process in the aviation and airside sector.

Pro helps organisations meet CAA requirements and maintain compliance with the sector’s strict employment regulations.

Instant and automated right to work and basic DBS checks, automated referencing, and 5-year employment history calculation; all tailored to the way your organisation works.

Aviation Samsung and iPhone

Employment Check App | Instant Right To Work Checks

Employment Check App is a fast and easy way to screen a candidate in the aviation sector.

All the candidate has to do is download the app, select ‘Aviation’, and follow the steps. In minutes, you can obtain all the data, documents, and background check results you need for screening.

Benefit from instant background check results (right to work, basic DBS).

Your background check process made simple
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