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Easily Integrate your system with Employment Check Pro, offer relevant employment checks to your customers and share significant revenue.

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How Does It Work

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EBC Global provide cutting-edge software solutions for employment background checks to a vast array of organisations and sectors around the world.

Easily integrate with EBC Global's API and you can access all of our background checks and reference functionality from your system!

Your customers can securely apply for and receive results quickly with a simple click.

Average Annual Revenue Share
Checks That Process With EBC Global's API
  • Right To Work (IDVT)
  • Criminal Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • Driving Licence
  • Social Media
  • International Sanctions
  • References
  • Custom Training Courses

Your Benefits

Simply promote awareness of the functionality and direct customer traffic for the checks that your customers  need for staff and share a generous % of the revenue

Retain clients and make them more dependant on your system by giving them the ability to apply for background checks in your software and receive results back fast.

Add your own branding to our technology, with full support in implementing the solution and minimal operational impact

What Sectors Do EBC Global Operate In?

EBC Global Sectors

EBC Global operates across diverse sectors, making a remarkable impact with our cutting-edge solutions. From finance and aviation to healthcare and education, we cater to various industries, serving their unique needs with unparalleled expertise.

Whether it's streamlining financial processes, powering innovative tech solutions, ensuring regulatory compliance in healthcare, or optimising HR systems, our versatile services have garnered trust and acclaim.

Strategic Partnerships with Employment Check Pro

Employment Check Pro is not just a cutting-edge pre-employment screening software solution; it's a gateway to lucrative partnership opportunities. By seamlessly integrating your system with Employment Check Pro, you can elevate your business, provide enhanced services to your customers, and tap into a robust revenue-sharing model.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Services

Collaborating with Employment Check Pro allows you to effortlessly integrate its powerful employment verification API into your existing system. This integration ensures that your customers gain access to a comprehensive suite of employment checks, ranging from automated referencing to thorough background checks, creating a seamless and enriched experience for both your business and its clients.

Tailored Employment Checks for Diverse Industries

Employment Check Pro stands out for its versatility in catering to the unique needs of various industries. Whether your business operates in finance, healthcare, technology, or any other sector, this partnership empowers you to offer tailored employment checks that align with the specific requirements of your clientele. From regulatory compliance to industry-specific background verifications, Employment Check Pro has it covered.

Revenue Sharing: A Win-Win Proposition

Becoming an API partner with Employment Check Pro opens the door to a compelling revenue-sharing model. As your customers access and benefit from the advanced employment verification API, you earn a significant share of the generated revenue. This mutually beneficial arrangement not only enhances your revenue streams but also solidifies a collaborative and long-term partnership that adds value to both parties involved.

Book a Meeting to Explore the Possibilities

To delve deeper into the partnership opportunities, EBC Global invites you to book a meeting. This consultation allows you to gain insights into the seamless integration process, understand the diverse employment checks available, and explore the potential revenue share your business could receive as an API partner.

How Long Does It Take For Checks To Come Back?

DBS Basic
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DBS Standard
+ hrs
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DBS Enhanced
+ hrs
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International Sanctions
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Social Media
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DVLA Licence
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