Pre-Employment Screening Software for the Health & Social Care Sector

Streamline workflow, provide a positive candidate experience, and protect staff, patients, and your organisation.

Fast. Automated. Compliant.

Pre-employment screening tools for healthcare organisations

We understand that patients and visitors could be at risk if they are exposed to healthcare specialists without the correct credentials and qualifications to be treating them.

In addition, we understand the importance of removing unsuitable candidates at the earliest stage of the onboarding process; particularly those barred from working with children or vulnerable adults.

Our software solutions offer full pre-employment screening compliance, built with an emphasis on efficiency and automation.

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Software that helps you maintain pre-employment screening compliance in accordance with Care Quality Commission (CQC) requirements

Automated enhanced DBS, right to work, and reference checks. Automatically sent out and chased by the system

Instant right to work checks with Employment Check App. Check instantly if a candidate has eligibility to work in the UK

Easy collection of data and documents (license memberships, medical qualifications, manual handling, etc)

Track and monitor candidate progress

Full compliance, reduced time to hire, increased producitivity

Speed up the time associated with the new hire process by approximately 70%

Faster onboarding, allowing you to place candidates into their new roles efficiently and compliantly

Integrated with the Disclosure and Barring Service, allowing your organisation to run criminal record checks and obtain results quickly

Background Check Software - Healthcare Sector

Our Pre-Employment Screening Compliance Software Solutions

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Employment Check Pro | Bespoke Pre-Employment Screening Software

Employment Check Pro supports all legal requirements associated with the background screening process in the health and social care sectors. 

Instant and automated right to work and enhanced DBS checks (and other checks), automated referencing, and 100s more functions; all tailored to the way your organisation works.

Pro works in accordance with CQC requirements and Health and Social Care Act 2008 employment regulations. 

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Employment Check App | Instant Right To Work Checks

With Employment Check App, you can find out instantly if your candidate has the right to work in the UK.

Also, the app allows you to collect all your candidate's personal data and documents for pre-employment screening.

All the candidate has to do is download the app, upload their data and documents, apply for a right to work check, and send you the results.

Your background check process made simple
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