Candidate Pre-Employment Screening Software for Recruiters

Streamline workflow, provide a positive candidate experience, and protect staff, clients, and your organisation.

All sectors, checks, and requirements

Candidate pre-employment screening software and apps

EBC Global provide robust, intuitive, and compliant candidate pre-employment screening tools that integrate seamlessly with your organisation's onboarding and application process.

Designed for all sectors, our software solutions save recruiters significant resources associated with background check and screening compliance.

Candidate Screening Software and Apps

Automated DBS (criminal record) checks, right to work, and reference checks. Automatically sent out and chased by the system

Suitable for screening candidates across all sectors

Show clients that your candidates are screened and ready to work

Take the weight of pre-employment screening compliance off your client’s shoulders. With ease

Easy collection of personal data and documents

Save you and your clients money from the cost of a bad hire

Secure digital environment. All data and documents stored safely

Screen and onboard candidates quickly and compliantly

Reduce the time to hire by approximately 70%

Integrated with the Disclosure and Barring Service, allowing your organisation to run criminal record checks and obtain results quickly

Faster onboarding. Place your candidates into new roles quicker

API available. You can integrate Employment Check Pro into your technology stack and benefit from instant background checks and other pre-employment screening functions

Background Check Software

Our Candidate Pre-Employment Screening Software Solutions

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Employment Check Pro | Bespoke Background Screening Software

Employment Check Pro supports all legal requirements associated with the background screening process. Streamline your screening and onboarding process with 100s of automated features; no matter what industry you recruit in.

Instant and automated background checks (right to work, DBS, credit, and more), automated referencing, and employment history calculation. All tailored to the way your organisation works.

Add value to what you do.

Employment Check Lite - Free Background Check Software

Employment Check Lite | Simple Background Check Software

Employment Check Lite provides recruiters with a quick and easy way to run background checks on candidates. Collect your candidate's personal data and documents, then run background checks with instant results (DBS, right to work, credit, and more).

No monthly fees. Just pay for the checks you use plus a small set up fee. Simple.

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Employment Check App | Instant Background Checks for Candidates

Employment Check App is a fast and easy way to screen your candidates; no matter what sector your recruit for.

All the candidate has to do is download the app and follow the steps. In minutes, you can obtain all the data, documents, and background check results you need for screening.

95% of digital results delivered instantly.

Your background check process made simple
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