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Software for background checks have proved to be an important tool for many organisations and industries.

In recent years, the need for such software has moved from being a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’. This is especially important within industries with strict employment regulations and laws.

In addition, the need to maintain compliance is of utmost important, as non-compliance will cost your organisation, not only time and money, but also your reputation.

Despite its importance, sourcing software for background checks can be time-consuming and unproductive. Before we talk about our own software solution, there are five question you should ask yourself when you start sourcing background check software:

  1. Is the software easy to learn?
  2. Will employee and company performance improve?
  3. How does the software ensure compliance?
  4. Will the software handle large amounts of personal data efficiently and securely?
  5. Does the software perform industry-specific checks and functions?

At EBC Global, we create software that ensures compliance and efficiency, with an emphasis on speed and automation. The aim our main offering, Employment Check Pro, is to allow you and your organisation to complete pre-employment screening and vetting duties efficiently; without reducing the quality of your work and preventing compliance failures.

Here are five reasons why Employment Check Pro is the ultimate software for background checks.

Data Collection and Processing is Fast and Compliant

The main aspect to consider with any background check software is how well it processes data.

Pro was built with efficient data processing in mind.

After setting the parameters of Pro, you can send your applicants a secure link that collects your candidate’s data and documents.

Once the data is collected, Pro allows you to:

  • Apply for instant background checks, including
    • DBS / Criminal Record / Disclosure Scotland
    • UK Credit Check
    • DVLA
    • UK Sanctions
    • International Sanctions
    • To name a few…
  • Send out industry-compliant references
  • Track, manage and control the process; using automated features
Background Check Software

As a result, Pro increases compliance, your working capacity and productivity; and reduces admin work, meetings, compliance failures and paperwork.

Pro Automates Several Processes

Pro automates many aspects of the background check process, including:

  • Automatic Reference Generation

You can create branded, bespoke compliant references in Pro. Once set up, you can send out reference requests in seconds with all the relevant details. Pro collates the applicant/employee’s details, referee details and a covering letter in just a few clicks.

Background Check Software - Automatic Reference Generation
  • Auto-Chasing

Two bugbears of obtaining references are waiting for a response from the referee and noting in your diary when to chase them. With Pro, you can set the system to chase previously sent references. You can also amend the email’s content accordingly.

  • Automatic Licence Checks

This is important for several industries, particularly aviation, transport, and healthcare/medical.

For example, let us say you work in the transport industry. The industry’s regulations state you must regularly check your drivers’ licenses to ensure they have no penalty points, endorsements or driving bans. You can set Pro to automatically check licences as per your company’s requirements (quarterly, annually, etc). Pro will also alert you on any issues obtained from a DVLA check.

Pro is Designed with your Industry in mind

From specific background checks to employment history, each industry has its own set of rules when it comes to background checks.

The parameters of Pro can be set with your industry in mind, which include:

  • Aviation
  • Government (BPSS)
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • NHS
  • Care
  • Recruitment
  • Transport and logistics
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Security
  • Retail

Easy and Effective Reporting

Scenario: you are the company’s HR director. You have a board meeting at the end of the week. You have been asked to demonstrate the efficiency of the pre-employment screening process over the last quarter.

However, your company is also preparing for a massive onboarding of new starters, which needs your undivided attention. Now you are thinking: “how do I produce an effective, concise, and visual report for the board? And when will I find the time to do it?”.

Employment Check Pro does this for you. You can easily generate bespoke progress reports, with the exact data you require.

Background Check Software - Reports and Productivity

Now you can easily create workload, activity, performance and productivity reports with ease.

Reference Pack Generation

On completion of the required vetting and checks, Pro will create a Digital Reference Pack for you. This is beneficial from a compliance standpoint, as all checks, data and documents must be dated and filed in accordance with data protection laws and your industry’s regulations.

A Digital Reference Pack can include (for example):

  • Summary / index page
  • Training certificate: ie fire, GSAT, security etc
  • Criminal check + details
  • References
  • Reference trail / activity
  • Copy of documents

“It appears Employment Check Pro handles and processes a lot of data. How do you ensure this data is secure?”

We understand the importance of maximum security when it comes to handling vast amounts of personal data, particularly in today’s digital landscape.

To ensure all information is secure, we are ISO27001 accredited, with regular internal and external audits to ensure compliance. In addition, we are Cyber Essentials accredited, and recognised as a responsible organisation by the government.

Accreditations - EBC Global


“I’d like to learn more. Can I book a demo of the system?”

Of course! Simply fill in your details below and we will get in touch to arrange a time and day best suited to you.

    Learn how Employment Check Pro is the ultimate software for background checks.

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