8 Effective Tips for Expediting Background Checks

In today’s competitive job market, swiftly securing the right candidates is paramount.

Accelerating your background checks can be instrumental in retaining top-notch candidates before they explore other opportunities.

Did you know that 40% of employers reported losing candidates due to a sluggish background check process?

Fortunately, strategies exist to expedite background checks, ensuring you attract and secure the best talent.

Drawing on our experience conducting background checks nationwide, we’ve compiled this guide on expediting employment background checks.

Let’s dive in.

Why Speed Matters in Background Checks:

When seeking top talent, hiring speed becomes pivotal.

Candidates with sought-after skills move swiftly, rarely remaining unemployed for long. A slow background check process risks losing prime candidates and can impede filling crucial positions.

A delayed and intricate background check process also reflects negatively on your company.

Here are the key benefits of expediting your background check process:

  • Reduce drop-out rates caused by lengthy hiring processes.
  • Secure top-quality candidates before competitors do.
  • Simplify onboarding by minimising follow-up work.

8 Tips for Swift Background Checks:

1. Choose a Reliable Provider:

Begin by selecting a reputable background check provider like EBC Global. Focus not only on cost but on the overall value proposition, including swift turnaround times, stellar client support, and the delivery of high-quality reports. 

Investing in a reliable provider with extensive resources ensures a smoother and faster background check process.

2. Integrate Your ATS:

Streamline your hiring process by integrating your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with your background check provider. 

This integration ensures seamless candidate tracking and pre-screening, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of overlooking candidates who require background checks.

3. Automate Processes:

Embrace automation to minimise manual data entry and expedite the background screening process. Implement automated systems for electronic authorisations and result delivery. 

By automating these key processes, you not only save time but also reduce the likelihood of errors, ensuring a more efficient screening workflow.

4. Online Data Collection:

Opt for a background check provider that leverages online data collection methods. This includes ATS integration and online progress tracking, reducing data entry errors and expediting the collection of candidate authorisations for background checks. 

A streamlined online process enhances the overall candidate experience during the background check and hiring process.

5. Candidate-Friendly Solutions:

Enhance the efficiency of your hiring process by adopting a paperless background check process. Candidates appreciate a seamless experience that includes everything from authorisation to result delivery. 

Utilise mobile apps, such as EBC Global’s Employment Check APP, to allow candidates to enter their information directly. This not only keeps candidates engaged but also simplifies the background check process.

Download the app for free on Google PlayStore or Apple Store

6. Digital Disclosure and Authorisation Process:

Ensure compliance by implementing a digital disclosure and authorisation process. This involves sending required disclosures electronically, allowing candidates to review and sign authorisation documents digitally. 

A digital process provides a time-stamped record of the disclosure and helps in secure storage of candidates’ signed authorisations.

7. Provide All Required Documentation:

Submit all necessary information promptly to your background check provider. This includes the candidate’s full name, National Insurance number, date of birth, and signed authorisation forms. 

Failure to provide complete documentation can result in delays in the background check process.

8. Use Checklists:

Implement checklists to ensure that all required candidate information and signed authorisations are in place before submitting background check requests. 

Checklists serve as a handy tool for your staff to confirm that every necessary step has been taken, reducing the likelihood of oversights.

Our system dashboard serves as a checklist, with built in traffic light systems, you can see exactly where you are in the hiring process. This makes it easier to take action and organise your workload.

Why Background Checks Get Delayed:

Understanding potential delays is crucial. Some common reasons include:

Incomplete or Inaccurate Information: Submitting incomplete or inaccurate candidate information can cause delays.

Institutional Delays: Holidays and breaks may extend turnaround times.

Non-Digitised Records: Delays can occur when records are not digitised.

Acts of God: Unforeseen events like pandemics or natural disasters can disrupt processes.

EBC Global: Your Partner for Swift, Reliable Background Checks

Expediting your background check process is key to securing top-tier candidates.

At EBC Global, our advanced technology enables us to deliver compliant employment background checks swiftly. 

Contact EBC Global today at contact@ebcglobal.co.uk to learn more about our services.

Book a demo to view our platform: https://calendly.com/ebcglobal/

Disclaimer: This information serves educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Consult legal counsel for specific questions about your practices and compliance.

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