A-Z of Job Roles and the type of DBS check required

We put together an A-Z list of different job roles and the type of DBS check (criminal record check) they require.


Job role

Likely Level of DBS Check

Animal RSPCA Standard
Animal Veterinary surgeon Standard
Aviation Airport staff Basic
Aviation Pilot Basic
Charity National Trust executive Basic
Construction Agricultural labourer Basic
Construction Construction manager Basic
Education Driving instructor Enhanced
Education Martial arts instructor Enhanced
Education School – non teaching Enhanced
Education School Governor Enhanced
Education Teacher Enhanced and barring
Education Teaching assistant Enhanced and barring
Emergency Services Fire Service Basic
Emergency Services Police Constables Security Vetting
Energy Miner Basic
Energy Oil/Gas extraction Basic
Engineering Civil engineer Basic
Engineering Engineering construction Basic
Engineering Engineering designer Basic
Entertainment Actor/Actress Basic
Entertainment Model (e.g. fashion) Basic
Entertainment Musician Basic
Entertainment Radio broadcaster Basic
Entertainment Television presenter Basic
Farming Farmer Basic
Finance Accountant (Chartered/Certified) Standard
Finance Bank clerk Basic
Finance Bank manager Standard
Finance Banking Standard
Finance Book-keeper Basic
Finance Building society Standard
Finance Credit management Standard
Finance FCA Approved Person Standard
Finance Insurance Standard
Finance Mortgage advisor Standard
Finance/Compliance Actuary Standard
Food & Drink Baker Basic
Food & Drink Butcher Basic
Food & Drink Chef Basic
Food & Drink Chef – in a school or care premises Enhanced and barring
Government Civil servant Basic (+ BPSS)
Government Council administrator Basic (+ BPSS)
Government Councillor Basic (+ BPSS)
Government Government legal services Standard (+ BPSS)
Government Member of Parliament Basic (+ BPSS)
Government Trading standards officer Basic (+ BPSS)
Healthcare Acupuncturist Standard
Healthcare Ambulance service* Enhanced and barring
Healthcare Carer Enhanced and barring
Healthcare Childminder Enhanced and barring
Healthcare Chiropodist Enhanced and barring
Healthcare Chiropractor (registered) Enhanced and barring
Healthcare Dentist/Hygienist/Auxilliary Enhanced and barring
Healthcare Doctor Enhanced and barring
Healthcare Fitness trainer/Instructor Basic
Healthcare Home inspector for care homes* Enhanced
Healthcare Medical practitioner Enhanced and barring
Healthcare NHS administration roles Enhanced
Healthcare Nurse/Midwife Enhanced and barring
Healthcare Optician – dispensing Enhanced and barring
Healthcare Osteopath – registered Enhanced and barring
Healthcare Pharmaceutical chemist* Enhanced
Healthcare Physicist Basic
Healthcare Physiotherapist* Enhanced and barring
Healthcare Podiatrist* Enhanced and barring
Healthcare Psychologist (chartered) Enhanced and barring
Healthcare Psychotherapist Enhanced and barring
Healthcare Social worker* Enhanced and barring
Healthcare Surgeon Enhanced and barring
Hospitality Bar staff Basic
Hospitality Barrister Standard
Hospitality Hospitality Basic
Hospitality Public house manager/licenced trade Basic
Hospitality Waiter/Waitress Basic
IT Information technology Basic
Journalism Journalist Basic
Legal Clerks and officers of Law Courts Standard
Legal Crown Prosecution Service Standard
Legal Judicial appointment Standard
Legal Justices executive/clerk/assistant Standard
Legal Lawyer/Solicitor Standard
Legal Legal executive Standard
Legal Paralegal Basic
Legal Solicitor Standard
Military Army Basic
Military Merchant Navy Basic
Military Ministry of Defence N/A
Military Royal Air Force Basic/Standard/Enhanced
Military Royal Navy Basic
Military Royal Navy – Medical branch Enhanced and barring
Other Architect Basic
Other Beauty therapist Basic
Other Blacksmith Basic
Other Call centre worker Basic
Other Careers advisor Basic or Enhanced
Other Forester/Tree surgeon Basic
Other Funeral director Basic
Other Locksmith Standard
Other Market stall trader Basic
Other Milkman Basic
Other Personnel Basic
Other Photographer Basic
Other Postman/woman Basic
Other Printer Basic
Other Prison visitors (IMB) Security Vetting
Other Private investigator Standard
Other Publisher Basic
Other Quarrying Basic
Other Scrap metal dealer Basic
Other Secretary Basic
Other Statistician Basic
Other Taxidermist Basic
Other Toilet attendant Basic
Other Traffic warden Standard
Other Undertaker Basic
Other Welder/Fabricator Basic
Other Woodworker Basic
Other Youth worker Enhanced and barring
Other Zoo keeper Basic
Personal Service Hairdresser Basic
Personal Service Landscape architect/Gardener Basic
Personal Service Personal assistant Basic
Politics Mayor Basic
Property Estate agent Basic
Property Licensed conveyancer Standard
Property Surveyor (Chartered) Basic
Public Service Librarian Enhanced
Public Service Probation officer Enhanced
Religious Services Minister of Religion Enhanced
Rescue Lifeguard Enhanced
Rescue Mountain rescue Enhanced
Retail Bookseller Basic
Retail Shop assistant Basic
Sales Sales respresentative Basic
Sales Telesales executive Basic
Science & Medicine Forensic scientist Enhanced
Security Bodyguard Standard
Security Detention centre (immigration) officer Enhanced
Security Doorman/Bouncer Standard
Security Prison officer Security Vetting
Security Security guard Standard
Sports Football steward Standard
Sports Sports referee/Umpire/Official Enhanced and barring
Sports Sportsman/woman Basic
Trades Building/Contractor Basic
Trades Draughtsman Basic
Trades Electrician Basic
Trades Painter/decorator Basic
Trades Plumber Basic
Trades Roofer Basic
Trades Scaffolder Basic
Transport Bus/coach driver – not a school bus Basic
Transport Bus/coach driver – school bus Enhanced and barring
Transport Courier Basic
Transport Lorry driver Basic
Transport Mechanic Basic
Transport Railway worker Basic
Transport Road safety officer Enhanced and barring
Transport Taxi driver Enhanced
Transport Train driver Basic
Transport Tram driver Basic
Travel Travel agent Basic
Utilities Cleaner Basic or Enhanced
Utilities Game keeper Basic
Utilities Grounds keeper Basic

*These roles are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

If you are unsure what type of DBS check a specific job role requires, send us an email to adam@ebcglobal.co.uk

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