eVisa – Change to Right to Work Check Requirements

This is an update regarding eVisa changes to right to work check requirements.

On 30th December 2021, an update was made to Appendix D of the full policy guidance on sponsoring a worker/temporary worker and sponsoring a student to reflect the introduction of eVisas.

The revision to Appendix D can be found via this link in full.

This affects individuals who will have applied for a visa after creating a UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) account, using the ID Check App or to the EU Settlement Scheme. The individual would then have used the View and Prove service to access their immigration status information online.

To confirm, eligible individuals are those who have:

  • Applied to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)
  • Applied for a UK visa successfully, which includes permission to stay, using the ID Check app for by visiting a Visa Application Centre or Service and Support Centre

Introduction of eVisas for students excluding EEA nationals

EEA nationals holding a biometric passport who are applying under the Student of Child Student routes using the ID Check app will receive an eVisa instead of a vignette and a physical BRP. Student or Child Student permission validity will be confirmed on the eVisa. It should be noted that these individuals will be subject to the requirements of the Immigration Regulations 2008 (Biometric Registration).

Introduction of eVisas for Skilled Workers

Using the Home Office view and prove service, sponsors must check the worker has been issued an eVisa and retain evidence of this check. If the worker has both an eVisa and a Biometric Residence Permit, sponsors can choose which document to check and copy.

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The information provided in this post should be used for informational purposes and not as legal advice. EBC Global will update website content accordingly to keep readers abreast of any changes to right to work checks and other background checks. It is recommended to bookmark this blog and visit the Government website regarding any new legislative changes.

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