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Employment Check Lite - Free Background Check Software

"We have recently started using the EBC compliance system after it was recommended to us by a client, we are very happy with the product, and it has added real value to our business. The system is easy to use and it saves us time and has contributed to increased revenue for the business. I would highly recommend the compliance system as it is simple to use, time saving, very user friendly and our consultants and candidates enjoy using it".

Mark Sweatman - Supreme Recruitment

"EBC Global has the essential auditing tool all companies should use. The ease and efficiency of the vetting and referencing process is second to none. They are always developing more and more innovative products to use in conjunction with their core products. All in all innovation, creativity, and excellence is at the heart of their business".

Michael Swain - ABM Aviation

"Using EBC has saved AY Aviation many hours of work and the odd bit of human error from our referencing process. I regularly recommend EBC to anyone within the aviation and/or recruitment sectors. I am always looking for ways to automate working processes to benefit our team, but of all we use EBC really has been the best. I can barely remember what life was like before EBC but from what I do I can honestly say that having EBC has been a game changer!"

Sara Dillon - AY Aviation

"I would highly recommend the compliance system as it is simple to use and time-saving. The Support team is very friendly and answers all questions quickly".

Marta Puscian - Do & Co

Upgrade to Employment Check Pro

    • Branded with company logo and images.
    • Integrated into your website.
    • Bespoke application process, your stages, your way.
    • x2 different bespoke applications i.e. Driving, Aviation...
    • Bespoke forms with digital signature i.e. 48 hour WTD, Contract, Health questionnaire, etc.
    • Bespoke requirements i.e. recruitment questions, testing job assigment details, job description.
    • Process review and stage tracking.
    • Plus many more features. Click here to learn more about Pro.

Background Check Software for Aviation

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Employment Check Lite - Free Background Check Software

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