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Digital application form - paperless collection of data & documents

Employment Background Checks - Employment Check Lite

How Does Lite Work?

Employment Check Lite's platform allows you to collect your candidate's data quickly and securely.

Less time on admin work. More time on sourcing the right talent for your organisation or clients.


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    Employment Check Lite collects:

    Personal details

    ✓ Photo ID: passport

    ✓ Driving licence

    ✓ Work history

    ✓ Digital consent form

    ✓ Medical

    ✓ Any bespoke forms

    + More

Data Collection - Employment Check Lite
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    Your way:

    ✓ Set an application process

    ✓ Build in your rules & forms

    ✓ Review applications

    ✓ Secure storage / GDPR compliance

    ✓ Transfer data to automate references

    ✓ Transfer to instant employment checks

    ✓ Zero data entry!

System Configuration - Employment Check Lite

The Checks in Detail

The Checks in Detail

Employment Check Lite Increases Efficiency and Productivity

Less: paperwork, printing, filing and photocopying

Reduced: administration time, GDPR-fails, data entry and mistakes

Paperless consent and application forms (bespoke form options also available)

Productivity - Employment Check Lite

Use Lite and Benefit From:

x1 standard digital application form (collects documents and data).

Data collection: personal details, work history, address history, etc.

Document collection: passport, proof of address, proof of NI, driving licence.

Get applicant consent for references, criminal and other checks, privacy and GDPR.

Review applications: work history, number references, companies no longer trading, companies overseas that may cause issues.

Verify and transfer to references and compliance in Pro as well as apply for employment checks.

PDF of completed application form with all data and documents pack to save, transfer or print.

Time and date stamp of all activity, requests and completed actions.

Apply for employment checks and transfer data to generate automatic references.

Upgrade to Employment Check Pro:

    • Branded with company logo and images.
    • Integrated into your website.
    • Bespoke application process, your stages, your way.
    • x2 different bespoke applications i.e. Driving, Aviation...
    • Bespoke forms with digital signature i.e. 48 hour WTD, Contract, Health questionnaire, etc.
    • Bespoke requirements i.e. recruitment questions, testing job assigment details, job description.
    • Process review and stage tracking.
    • Plus many more features. Click here to learn more about Pro.

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