Employment Check Lite

Digital application form - paperless collection of data & documents

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    Employment Check Lite collects:

    Personal details

    Photo ID: passport

    Driving licence

    Work history

    Digital consent form


    Any bespoke forms

    + Anything else

Employment Check Lite
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    Your way:

    Set an application process

    Build in your rules & forms

    Review applications

    Secure storage / GDPR compliance

    Transfer data to automate references

    Transfer to instant employment checks

    Zero data entry!

Employment Check Lite - Your Way

Employment Check Lite gives you:

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    A drastic reduction in...




    Filing of paperwork

    GDPR fails

    Data entry

    Mistakes and typos

    Administration time

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    Completed application forms

    Employee data you require

    Bespoke forms

    Consent forms

    Digital filing

Automated and instant employment checks and references

Use Employment Check Lite for FREE

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    and benefit from:

    • x1 standard digital application form (collects documents and data).
    • Data collection: personal details, work history, address history, etc.
    • Document collection: passport, proof of address, proof of NI, driving licence.
    • Get applicant consent for references, criminal and other checks, privacy and GDPR.
    • Review applications: work history, number references, companies no longer trading, companies overseas that may cause issues.
    • Verify and transfer to references and compliance in Pro as well as apply for employment checks.
    • PDF of completed application form with all data and documents pack to save, transfer or print.
    • Time and date stamp of all activity, requests and completed actions.
    • Apply for employment checks and transfer data to generate automatic references.

The checks in detail

Upgrade to Employment Check Pro:

    • Branded with company logo and images.
    • Integrated into your website.
    • Bespoke application process, your stages, your way.
    • x2 different bespoke applications i.e. Driving, Aviation...
    • Bespoke forms with digital signature i.e. 48 hour WTD, Contract, Health questionnaire, etc.
    • Bespoke requirements i.e. recruitment questions, testing job assigment details, job description.
    • Process review and stage tracking.
    • Plus many more features. Click here to learn more about Pro.

Pro - Employment Background Check Software by EBC Global

Background checks made simple. Book a demo today.