New Responsibilities For Firms Outsourcing Screening

At EBC Global, we pride ourselves on being a market leader in employment verification services, distinguished by our unwavering commitment to adhering to your sectors standards.

The Importance of BS7858

The cornerstone of security pre-employment screening processes is British Standard 7858 (BS7858). This standard is designed to ensure that individuals working in secure environments undergo thorough and effective screening. Compliance with BS7858 is not merely a recommendation but a requirement for maintaining Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) approval. ACS is a quality assurance scheme strictly for security companies that operate within the private security industry.

Responsibilities When Outsourcing BS7858 Screening

Outsourcing pre-employment screening can be a practical solution for many companies. However, it’s important to remember that outsourcing does not absolve employers of responsibility. As an SIA approved contractor, you must ensure that your screening provider fully complies with BS7858. Some aspects of the screening process are so critical that they cannot be outsourced, making your oversight indispensable.

Ensuring Compliance with BS7858

On June 17th 2024 new SIA guidelines were introduced via GOV.UK website. There are now several steps employers must take to ensure your screening provider and their processes adhere to BS7858:

Clear Contractual Obligations

Your contract should explicitly state that the screening provider must follow BS7858. Clarity in your expectations helps prevent any misunderstandings and ensures the provider understands the importance of compliance.

Regular Audits

Conducting regular audits of the screening process is essential. This not only demonstrates your commitment to compliance but also ensures that the screening provider is following BS7858 accurately and consistently.

Certification and Competence

Verify that your screening provider has BS7858 certification. If the business itself is not certified, check the competence of the individual staff members by reviewing their BS7858 training certificates.

Comprehensive Screening Files

At the end of the screening process, request a detailed screening file from your provider. This file should account for every stage of the process, not just a certificate of completion.

Verifying Electronic References

With the increasing use of electronic references, it’s crucial to verify their authenticity. This involves confirming the contact details of the reference provider and keeping a record of the verification process. Ensure that your screening provider provides evidence of how electronic references were verified, including copies or screenshots of the messages.

Using Online Data Banks

While online data banks are convenient, they come with risks such as data inaccuracies and potential breaches. If your screening provider uses these services, it’s your responsibility to ensure they comply with the Data Protection Act and that your prospective employees have verified the accuracy of their records and consented to their use.

EBC Global: Leading with Innovative Screening Solutions

At EBC Global, we go beyond providing compliance guidance—we offer cutting-edge software solutions that streamline the pre-employment screening process, ensuring accuracy and enhancing compliance with BS7858. Our software is designed to simplify the complex requirements of pre-employment checks, providing an efficient, reliable, and transparent system for managing your screening needs.

For more information on how our software can support your compliance with British Standards and improve your screening processes, please contact us or alternatively book a demo.

At EBC Global, we are dedicated to setting the standard for security and trust through innovation and excellence.

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