Digital application and data and documents collection process

Collect everything that you need from new employees in a digital format and use that data to automate your referencing and compliance processes, apply for a criminal check or numerous other applications.

dataScoop is branded in your company or client's logo and can be integrated into your website. Sent out before an interview or after job offer. Designed to be flexible to your business and enable you to get the maximum job applications with the correct data and documents that you need to be compliant or use for background checks, referencing criminal check application or the companies application process.

Personal details and signed documents

Convert any application forms or documents into digital format and collect them quickly.

Photocopies of documents

Ask applicants to provide you photocopies or pictures of any documents required in the process.

Living address history

Collect complete living address history for the specific period of time and ensure no gaps are left.

Employment history

Capture complete working/education history and whereabouts from your applicants. Use our  additional tools to control and improve quality of the data and dramatically speed up your entire data collection process.

Suitability questionnaire

Ensure your applicants are suitable for the role. Our solution can automate screening process.

Save huge amount of money and go green

Huge reduction in:
- Paper
- Shredding
- Ink cartridges
No more need for:
- Photocopying
- Scanning
- Filling paperwork
- Finding documents
- Data entry
- Copy and Pasting
- Filling cabinets

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